PWR BTTM – I Wanna Boi

PWR BTTM are a Brooklyn-based queer punk duo.

PWR BTTM is just one queer rock band among so many. We need to have a much broader conversation to give more people a platform. I love bands of straight white boys, but labels only putting out those records is very much over.

Ben Hopkins of PWR BTTM in conversation with Rufus Wainwright in Billboard.


Huntington – Secret

Huntington is a duo based in Hamburg, consisting of queer vocalist and producer Scott Huntington (originally from Sydney Australia) and producer and engineer Dustin Ibrahimoglu ( who’s from Germany).

This simple but effective (and rather stylish) video was released in the summer of 2014, and we think it more than deserves to be featured.

Gender Benders – Tranny Stomp

Hip-Hop duo DJ Gayburn and C-Mack, aka Gender Benders, are based in Austin, Texas, but first met in Middle School in Maryland, and this month released their queer mixture of tongue-in cheek rap and electro beats on a self-produced debut album called Dirty Disco.

It’s always great to be able to talk about new artists, and Gender Benders are making their East Coast debut later this month in Boonsboro, MD, where club-goers at The Lodge will get to hear tracks like Tranny Stomp.