Anna Gutmanis – I Am Who I Am

Canadian singer-songwriter Anna Gutmanis released this in 2008, and it’s become something of an LGBT anthem. The song won Canada’s Pride In The Arts “2009 Pride Song” Award.

We Are/She Is – Puzzles

They are Merilou Salazar and Jessie Meehan, from Orange County, California, and are making a name for themselves as a distinctive indie pop/dance duo, influenced by bands like The Killers and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  And like many indie artists, We Are/She Is don’t rely on an army of promoters to reach their audience, but put in the hard work themselves.

We’ve done a lot of self-promotion. We go to the different gay-pride festivals. And we pick up a pair of headphones and put them on people’s heads, so that way, hopefully, they’ll buy a CD. We sold 500 or 600 copies of our EP like that. (

We’re not surprised. Listen to the other tracks on their EP Young and Pretty Clean, and you may well find yourself hooked.