Father Tiger – First Love

Father Tiger are a Los Angeles indie duo whose arrangements will immediately remind you of the 80s, and there’s nothing bad about that. This – from 2013 – is one of number of videos from a range of artists who gave their support to  the campaign for marriage equality in the US.

As EQ Music reported, “First Love” was directed by Michael Medico and the music video embodies tolerance and the fight for equality all the way down to the supporters who helped create the video; over fifty people donated their time and services, and the venue contributed their fee to the Gay and Lesbian Center of Los Angeles. Partial proceeds from “First Love” will also go towards organizations such as Freedom to Marry, American Foundation for Equal Rights and Lambda Legal.

We Are/She Is – Puzzles

They are Merilou Salazar and Jessie Meehan, from Orange County, California, and are making a name for themselves as a distinctive indie pop/dance duo, influenced by bands like The Killers and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  And like many indie artists, We Are/She Is don’t rely on an army of promoters to reach their audience, but put in the hard work themselves.

We’ve done a lot of self-promotion. We go to the different gay-pride festivals. And we pick up a pair of headphones and put them on people’s heads, so that way, hopefully, they’ll buy a CD. We sold 500 or 600 copies of our EP like that. (ocweekly.com)

We’re not surprised. Listen to the other tracks on their EP Young and Pretty Clean, and you may well find yourself hooked.