DD Sparks – Witch Trial

DD Sparks is from Iowa, USA, and a veteran of punk and glam bands; this is a release from 2012.

“I think you should give an audience more than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on stage,” Sparks said. “My inspiration comes from the glam rock of Marc Bolan, Roxy Music and even Little Richard. Rock and roll is supposed to be a little showy.” (more at Metromix Des Moines)

Pedro Marín (feat. Arianna Puello) – El Influjo de la Luna

Pedro Marín – a Spanish pop star who first became popular in his home country in the 1980s – is openly gay, and this is taken from his 2009 glam rock album which he says draws influences from bands like Roxy Music and T-Rex.

Video Directed by Stefan Weinert. Filmed in Berlin July 2009. Song from the album “I WILL GLAM” by Pedro Marín (Mainman / Blanco y Negro) 2009.