Justin Utley – It Is What It Is

A single taken from Justin Utley’s 2011 album Nothing Is Real.  Though interviews and online biographies tend to overplay the fact that he was once something of a poster-boy for  Mormon-approved music, he’s had a blue-chip musical theatre career, as well as winning awards for his post-LDS music and praise for his defence of LGBT rights.

Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army

Marcus Collins is openly gay and was one of the finalists in the 2011 run of the UK version of The X Factor. He’s been lucky enough to have the support of Take That’s Gary Barlow both as a writer and as a mentor as he builds his post-show career. His first single is a cover of a 2003 release by The White Stripes.

Ezra Axelrod – American Motel

Ezra Axelrod grew up in Oregon, but has spent a lot of time in Colombia and now lives in London, England.This song is the title track of his album American Motel, and is featured in his one-man show Songs from an American Motel.

I recorded half of this album in Columbia so I spent two months with loads of straight, very macho men, and every second of every day was just them talking about women and their titties. And I was like – gay men are still men and they talk like that about other men sometimes. But all of a sudden as soon as straight people are around we stop. So my view was different and I thought that if you guys are going to talk like that, well I am too. (interviewed in So So Gay)

Matt Alber – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Matt Alber is a much-loved and much-respected singer/songwriter in the US, and when the death of Whitney Houston was announced, he recorded this tribute, writing “this song was often sung at the top of his lungs by a gay boy in St. Louis who wanted to grow up to be a singer. I miss you already, W.”

We suspect that his version is likely to be often requested from now on at his live gigs.

Sir Ari Gold – My Favorite Religion

Ari Gold, now usually known as Sir Ari, has made this the third single release from his albumBetween the Spirit & the Flesh.

This video dreamscape finds Sir Ari searching for love through ritual and symbolism amid old temples and churches. Traditional religious garments turn fetishistic and fetish becomes a religious experience. Ari soon discovers an unexpected relationship, which helps him to overcome obstacles in re-discovering his spirituality and sexuality.