F.Virtue – License and Registration

Brooklyn based, Canadian born, MC/producer F. Virtue has a long musical track record, and is openly gay, although he’s sometimes been uncomfortable about the label “gay rapper”. This – from 2017 – is just the latest of his songs to deal with LGBTQ themes.

The Hip Hop world—not even homosexuality—it’s just growing to be more open always, always. Everyone remembers when it was weird for a rapper to be white, and that’s such a ridiculous thought now. That’s so prehistoric, that Rap is so black and white now. It just doesn’t matter your skin color, so that the next argument, “Oh, a rapper has to be male.” Well, no, not really. There was the term “femcee” for a minute, but now it’s not as weird to see a girl rapper. It’s not like, “Oh, it’s a girl rapper,” there’s just girls who Rap. The next thing is sexuality. There’s always something. I think Hip Hop is just getting more open, and it’s not just Hip Hop, it’s the world and everything helps it. (HipHopDX 2013)

Elephant feat. Yo! Majesty – The Let Go

Gay twin brothers Jackson and Coleman Vrana team up with openly lesbian and vocally Christian rap duo Yo! Majesty for a song about religion. It will be on their LP due for release later this summer.

“We’re not religious in any way, but unlike Queer Nation, this isn’t any kind of attack.  We wanted to inspire the same sort of liberation we felt as kids in Oklahoma when we started to recognize all of the hatred coming from people around us–and the justifications for it–based on the word of God….

…The paint in the video symbolizes our struggle to color everyone’s black and white view of religion, its rules and the ultimate oppression of minorities in this country…it’s like us painting our own view, so to speak.”

Gender Benders – Tranny Stomp

Hip-Hop duo DJ Gayburn and C-Mack, aka Gender Benders, are based in Austin, Texas, but first met in Middle School in Maryland, and this month released their queer mixture of tongue-in cheek rap and electro beats on a self-produced debut album called Dirty Disco.

It’s always great to be able to talk about new artists, and Gender Benders are making their East Coast debut later this month in Boonsboro, MD, where club-goers at The Lodge will get to hear tracks like Tranny Stomp.