REINDIER – Cold Love

A song “about being so desperately in love with a boy that he makes you do things that aren’t human anymore”, it’s the work of Amsterdam-based musician Reinier van Harten, aka REINDIER.

Reinier told TGMB that “…since the beginning of writing my own songs, my love for other boys/men have been a huge influence on my creations. Music gave me the freedom to express myself, lyrically and physically.”  He cites Kate Bush, Björk, Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan among others as having influenced his music.

Mkiao – Summer Heart

This is from gay indie artist Mkiao’s debut album A Far Off Horizon, an accomplished and well-crafted mix of field recordings,ambient soundscapes, chillwave elements and electronic loops, dedicated to the memory of his best friend, Jennifer Perkins. Mkaio, aka Matthew Kammerer, recorded and mixed the whole thing in his spare bedroom in Utah. Share it, and make him a star….

Deep in the mountains of Hawai’i, buried under pine needles and brush, a cracked and worn cassette tape was found. The cover and tape were handmade, the design and packaging, faded and aged. The tape itself appeared to be a recording of a vinyl double-album, its contents using elements of past musical archetypes, and while the sound is dated, it seems strangely prescient – the work of an artist enveloping himself in the past while breathing in the present.

Divine Knights – Clouds (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)

The Australian duo Divine Knights, Gerard Anthony & Beef have been writing and recording together for several years, and are based in Sydney. If you’re a fan of electro-pop, you’ll love their music, as – and this is a compliment – it sounds like something you fondly remember from years ago.

They reached the semi-final of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, which hopefully has given them access to the kind of production and publicity to allow them to grow as mainstream artists.