Aiden Leslie – Diamond Dreams

With a video shot by NYC-based director and photographer Marco Ovando, this looks as stylish as you’re expect.  Aiden Leslie hails from Ohio, but calls New York home, and aside from working as an actor, has had some success as a recording artist, hitting the number one spot  on Logo-TV’s Click List and getting a lot of club play with dance tracks. He believes it’s important that there are openly LGBT artists and performers.

If we don’t see ourselves as important and that we have something to say, then how will anyone else? (gaydarradio)

Sergio Cuho – Cara a Cara

He caught national attention competing to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest,  and this 2010 release from Barcelona-based Sergio Cuho reached number 2 in digital download dance charts. He’s well-known to Gay Pride audiences in his home country.

“I never want to be identified just as a gay artist, but I ought to say that thanks to gay audiences I am living my musical life with much greater intensity than I was before and with a warmth from the public that I never had in the world of house music…” (formspring)

Kazaky – Dance and Change

Given the fact that Ukraine’s reputation doesn’t hold up well when it comes to respect for LGBT rights, it’s perhaps not surprising that Kazaky, the nation’s most successful musical export of the 21st century, don’t talk much about their own sexuality.  Nonetheless, their videos and performances certainly resonate with gay audiences, and that fan base has given them worldwide fame.  And the fact that they can really dance in high heels…