Blanket Barricade – A Velvet Affair

Lead singer and songwriter of Canadian indie band Blanket Barricade, Wesley Krauss, may not be gay, but he’s very definitely on our side.

….as a child I was bullied a lot for being considered gay and it made quite a lasting impression on me. Things may be different nowadays but growing up in the latter half of the 90s I can attest to the fact that being considered gay was probably the worst possible social stigma in BC public schools. Besides my own experiences I also have many gay friends and colleagues and am a strong supporter of gay rights…

One of my gay friends explained to me once how “velvet” was often used to mean “gay” and so I thought it fitting to use the title “A Velvet Affair” to describe what was happening during these pride marches in Russia and Sri Lanka. (

Gentleman Reg – How We Exit

From the album Jet Black by indie artist Gentleman Reg, who’s Canadian. He’s openly gay, and has played a number of Gay Pride festivals.  In the U.S., Gentleman Reg is best known for being featured in the 2006 John Cameron Mitchell movie, Shortbus, in which he made a brief cameo and contributed to the film’s soundtrack.

“I didn’t want to hide the fact that I was gay. I wanted it to be known. But at the same time, I don’t want to be politically preachy or alienating in any way. I still want the music to be inclusive. Kind of like Rufus Wainwright. His range of fans is really diverse. He doesn’t just attract gay males.”