Aiden James – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

There’s no doubt that I Wanna Dance With Somebody has a place in the hearts of many gay men of a certain age, and video sites are awash with cover versions in tribute to Whitney Houston. Aiden James made this heartfelt version in 2013.  It may not be as quite as touching as Matt Alber’s, but it’s a strong performance from a talented singer and songwriter.

Aiden James – On The Run

Not new, but it’s the song which made us instant fans of Aiden James. He’s a singer-songwriter of considerable talent, and his latest album, Trouble With This, has deservedly hit the Top 30 in charts on iTunes in the US.

Me being successful, it’s not only about me but there’s something else behind it now with everything that’s going on fighting for LGBT rights and equality. (