Sean Wood – 1,2,3

This is from Sean Wood’s 2012 album, Sudden Love, co-produced by Grammy winner Mario J McNulty. Sean’s an out indie artist based in Brooklyn, New York, and his music deserves a much wider audience (we’ll be watching and listening out for him). Share this, and say you heard it here!

Eva Simons – Renegade

Dutch electro singer-songwriter Eva Simons used to go to gay clubs with her mother, who was also a singer, and was “mesmerised” by them. Now she has a growing gay fan base of her own on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s always nice when people get you, especially in the gay community where they are so much about people being misunderstood. I totally understand that. (

Mkiao – Summer Heart

This is from gay indie artist Mkiao’s debut album A Far Off Horizon, an accomplished and well-crafted mix of field recordings,ambient soundscapes, chillwave elements and electronic loops, dedicated to the memory of his best friend, Jennifer Perkins. Mkaio, aka Matthew Kammerer, recorded and mixed the whole thing in his spare bedroom in Utah. Share it, and make him a star….

Deep in the mountains of Hawai’i, buried under pine needles and brush, a cracked and worn cassette tape was found. The cover and tape were handmade, the design and packaging, faded and aged. The tape itself appeared to be a recording of a vinyl double-album, its contents using elements of past musical archetypes, and while the sound is dated, it seems strangely prescient – the work of an artist enveloping himself in the past while breathing in the present.

Holly Elle – Freak

It doesn’t pull any punches, and that’s the way Holly Elle wants it. Freak was written in response to the shocking number of teen suicides resulting from cyber-bullying, homophobia and a general lack of acceptance of young people who don’t fit the norm.

Originally from Canada, but now based in Nashville, it’s not surprising Holly is getting coverage from gay media, but she’s also receiving increasing attention and airplay across the board.