Divine Knights – Clouds (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)

The Australian duo Divine Knights, Gerard Anthony & Beef have been writing and recording together for several years, and are based in Sydney. If you’re a fan of electro-pop, you’ll love their music, as – and this is a compliment – it sounds like something you fondly remember from years ago.

They reached the semi-final of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, which hopefully has given them access to the kind of production and publicity to allow them to grow as mainstream artists.

BLEACH – No Ambition

With a great song, “presented” aka produced by Boy George, this is a classy chunk of pop, which brings back memories of the 80s, along with artists like Bowie and Lou Reed. Lloyd Dixon, the vocalist, is well-known on the London club scene as model and DJ Lady Lloyd, a drag queen frequently dressed by Vivienne Westwood (more here)

Aiden Leslie – Diamond Dreams

With a video shot by NYC-based director and photographer Marco Ovando, this looks as stylish as you’re expect.  Aiden Leslie hails from Ohio, but calls New York home, and aside from working as an actor, has had some success as a recording artist, hitting the number one spot  on Logo-TV’s Click List and getting a lot of club play with dance tracks. He believes it’s important that there are openly LGBT artists and performers.

If we don’t see ourselves as important and that we have something to say, then how will anyone else? (gaydarradio)

Elias Koskimies/Kepa Lehtinen – I’ve Only Just Begun

I’ve Only Just Begun is a short film from Finland about Venuz Vulgar and his friends on their way to St. Petersburg, Russia, made in the wake of news of further repression of the LGBT community there, with the banning of homosexual propaganda.

The song which accompanies it is the work of two of the main movers behind the project. Elias Koskimies is a successful director in his home country, and Kepa Lehtinen is also known for his work as a composer of film music and as a sound engineer.

Boy George – Video Games

Boy George remains an iconic figure in popular music and in the pantheon of openly-gay artists, someone who has managed to refresh his appeal over a long career.

It seemed that Lana Del Rey’s original version of Video Games would be the one that played in your memory for ever, but Boy George’s cover threatens to displace it, and has a great video directed by Mike Nicholls. It’s the first track to be released from a whole album of cover versions, which we suspect many of us will love!