Cheyenne Jackson – Drive

Cheyenne Jackson is  best-known as a Broadway actor and for his appearances in TV series such as Glee, but on his 2012 debut single, he shows off his talent for song-writing as well as his vocal skills.

“I’ve always had a very, I guess you could almost say manic love of music and styles,” Cheyenne Jackson says. “Music is just everything to me.” (

Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have a Kiki

A fan video – now banned from YouTube – was one of the main reasons this track from the Magic Hour album has acquired cult status.  Scissor Sisters very own Jake Shears wrote to its producers saying “I am obsessed with your video. It is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Thank you thank you thank you. Fking killed it”

In any event, it’s a great track, and subsequently the band have produced their own “instructional” video, which could well launch a whole YouTube channel full of dance clips featuring wannabes.


DD Sparks – Witch Trial

DD Sparks is from Iowa, USA, and a veteran of punk and glam bands; this is a release from 2012.

“I think you should give an audience more than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on stage,” Sparks said. “My inspiration comes from the glam rock of Marc Bolan, Roxy Music and even Little Richard. Rock and roll is supposed to be a little showy.” (more at Metromix Des Moines)

Elephant feat. Yo! Majesty – The Let Go

Gay twin brothers Jackson and Coleman Vrana team up with openly lesbian and vocally Christian rap duo Yo! Majesty for a song about religion. It will be on their LP due for release later this summer.

“We’re not religious in any way, but unlike Queer Nation, this isn’t any kind of attack.  We wanted to inspire the same sort of liberation we felt as kids in Oklahoma when we started to recognize all of the hatred coming from people around us–and the justifications for it–based on the word of God….

…The paint in the video symbolizes our struggle to color everyone’s black and white view of religion, its rules and the ultimate oppression of minorities in this country…it’s like us painting our own view, so to speak.”

SSION – Feelz Good(4-EVR)

Another track from the SSION album, Bent.

Bent is like a collage more so than any other record I’ve made. So many people helped out with it and I recorded it in a lot of different places. I was listening to so much top 40, which is really dominated by females, so most of it is like a weird collage/response to that.

Blanket Barricade – A Velvet Affair

Lead singer and songwriter of Canadian indie band Blanket Barricade, Wesley Krauss, may not be gay, but he’s very definitely on our side.

….as a child I was bullied a lot for being considered gay and it made quite a lasting impression on me. Things may be different nowadays but growing up in the latter half of the 90s I can attest to the fact that being considered gay was probably the worst possible social stigma in BC public schools. Besides my own experiences I also have many gay friends and colleagues and am a strong supporter of gay rights…

One of my gay friends explained to me once how “velvet” was often used to mean “gay” and so I thought it fitting to use the title “A Velvet Affair” to describe what was happening during these pride marches in Russia and Sri Lanka. (