José Galisteo – Beautiful Life

He first came to public attention as a contestant on a Spanish talent show, where his good looks gave him a distinct advantage, and it wasn’t long before photos allegedly from a gay profile site leaked online.  He didn’t win, but José Galisteo has gone on to have a  solid career in his home country, regularly appearing at gay events.

This is from 2010, and this and other releases from the album Luces y Sombras did well in download charts. He’s due to release a new album during 2012.

Kazaky – Dance and Change

Given the fact that Ukraine’s reputation doesn’t hold up well when it comes to respect for LGBT rights, it’s perhaps not surprising that Kazaky, the nation’s most successful musical export of the 21st century, don’t talk much about their own sexuality.  Nonetheless, their videos and performances certainly resonate with gay audiences, and that fan base has given them worldwide fame.  And the fact that they can really dance in high heels…

Tom Robinson – Glad To Be Gay

This is one of the earliest videos of Tom Robinson’s gloomy portrait of gay life in Great Britain in the mid-70s.  First performed at London’s Gay Pride in 1976, it was eventually released on an EP in 1978, although it had already become a gay anthem.  It got into the pop charts, although BBC Radio 1 refused to play it.

The song is still fondly remembered by those who were part of the early years of the gay liberation movement in the UK, and Tom Robinson still performs it from time to time. There’s a web site devoted to the history and impact of the song.